Wisconsin potato farmers see good harvest despite rough drought conditions

RHINELANDER, Wis. (WJFW)- October brings the final stage of the potato growing process. Despite the drought conditions that Wisconsin has seen throughout the year it appears spud farms have been spared.

Potato’s need roughly 1 inch of rainfall per week to remain healthy. Irrigation techniques can help to get the potatoes the nutrients that they need if there is a lack of rainfall but this may cause complications for other crops that farmers grow.

“Our Potato’s are doing well because they are all irrigated but some of our other crops like oats and stuff like that have suffered because we haven’t been able to get enough irrigation on them,” said Paul Sowinski the Owner of Sowinski Farms.

While Wisconsin may be more known for dairy products. Potatoes are one of the state’s largest cash crops.

“On average the state grows roughly 63,000 acres every year, we are the third largest potato producing state in the nation, and we’re the number one producer of potatoes east of the Mississippi,” said Dana Rady the Director of Promotions at the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association.

Potatoes are a super food which can help to give you energy before and after doing activities.  Buying locally grown potatoes is one of the best ways people can help farmers in our region.

“All of our growers in the state produce sustainable potatoes and vegetables, and make sure they are the highest quality to feed your family,” said Rady.

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